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Creo q para q México cambie los ciudadanos tenemos q tomar el control d la situación y eso significa retirar la confianza a clase política


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Mexico’s leading presidential candidate is handsome, popular and still a mystery.

If any of you are aware of what’s happening in the world, you should know about the protests in Mexico city. In Twitter, the hashtag #yosoy132 has been ‘worldwide trending topic’ for the last 4 days. The news appear in multiple american and european newspapers (washington post, NY times, El país Spain, huffington post…) but not in the mexican newspapers. The elections are getting closer and people are walking down the streets screaming for freedom and information. The main candidate Enrique Peña Nieto is just another product of the main television company and the old ruling InstitutionalRevolutionary Party, known as the PRI, which held Mexico’s presidency without interruption from 1929 to 2000, leaving the country in a state of corruption, economic crisis and violence. 

Important facts about this candidate:
-Anonymous leaked important documents in which the main television company agrees to show Enrique Peña Nieto as the best option for the elections.
With millions of pesos involved of course. 
-Wikileaks also showed important conversations about this candidate between the mexican and american government. 

-In 2006, when this candidate was governor of the mexican state a massacre was held in Atenco, State of Mexico, in which hundreds of people were violently attacked, more than 20 women were raped and two kids were killed. The candidate never clarified what happened.

-A couple years ago, when a teacher took part of a gay march, the state government (PRI) knew about this and later, he got fired. After this, the teacher who had a doctorate in education for the disabled and was director of a center for the development of disabled youth talked to Enrique Peña Nieto who just said “the government hates fags, after this the teacher was arrested. He spend months in a high security jail where he got raped multiple times in public areas. The reason? They said “you should not mess with the governor Peña Nieto”.
He had to go to the hospital and tried to report what happened, no one listened to him. 
He is now exiled in the usa where he cannot work.

I don’t want my leader to be corrupt, ignorant, homophobic and a fucking asshole. 
So please sign this cause, or if you live in Mexico, go to the second protest this Wednesday and fight for your right to be informed. 

If you want to help, just sign this petition so the UNITED NATIONS can inspect the transparency of the mexican elections. 


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